FAQ Booking

  • I like the offer you sent me – what is the next step?
  • How much time in advance should I book?
  • How can I pay for my package?
  • Is there any special discount for kids travelling?
  • Will you send me the travel information by mail?
  • What are your cancellation policies?
  • Can I book my airplane ticket with you?
  • In case I need assistance during my trip, where can I call?

Once you decide to accept our offer we will be happy to start with the booking process. To do so, we send you our registration form, which includes details like the contact details of all participants, arrival and departure dates, flight information (flight number, airline, arrival and departure time), contact person in case of an emergency, any special medical or dietary requirements. Furthermore you will receive our Terms and Conditions which must be read thoroughly.

Once you send us this information, we start booking the individual services. Usually it takes us 48 - 72 hours to confirm your itinerary. As soon as all services are confirmed, we will send you your booked itinerary along with your invoice.

The earlier the better! Especially during peak season (Christmas & New Years, Easter Week) the availability of rooms might be restricted. Therefore, we recommend that you book about 6 months in advance to make sure to get exactly the itinerary you had in mind and avoid changes in hotels.

There are two forms of payment:
- By wire transfer: You can deposit the amount into our US $ account in Costa Rica.
- By payment in cash: You can transfer a deposit to our US $ account in Costa Rica. The amount varies depending on the booking. You can then pay the rest amount in cash upon your arrival.

Children staying in the same room with their parents normally pay a special rate. However, the policies regarding children´s discounts and age limits vary from hotel to hotel. Therefore, please let us know the ages of your children in advance in order to quote the offer accordingly and be sure to get the best rate for you!

Once your file is booked and all your services are confirmed, we will send you your booked itinerary via e-mail. On the day of arrival you will receive your travel information, which includes:
- Day to Day travel plans with important pick-up times
- Contacts and phone numbers of all service providers
- Map of Costa Rica
- General information about Costa Rica and emergency phone numbers
- Service Vouchers

If you cancel your confirmed reservation, your right to a refund is limited. Cancellations must be received in written form within a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival. In such cases, your deposit will be refunded, minus a handling charge of US $ 50 per passenger and any other non-refundable deposit guarantees to hotels and other service providers. Any changes made to the itinerary by the passenger once the trip has commenced are the sole responsibility of the passenger. ¡No refunds for unused services! If a reservation is canceled after depositing the balance of payment, that portion is refundable according to the following conditions:
• Up to 45 days prior to departure: ............ US $100.00 pro Person
• 44 - 30 days prior to departure: ............ 10% of the tour price
• 29 – 22 days prior to departure: ............ 30% of the tour price
• 21 - 14 days prior to departure: ............ 50% of the tour price
• 13 - 07 days prior to departure: ............ 70% of the tour price
• 06 – 02 days prior to departure: ............ 90% of the tour price
• 1 day or non commencement: ............ 100% of the tour price

Bella Aventura is an incoming tour operator offering travel services within Costa Rica. Unfortunately, we do not issue international airline tickets. We recommend that you book your flight with your local travel agent or check for flights on internet.

Within your travel kit, which you will receive upon arrival you will find our 24/7 emergengy phone number. We attend your calls in English / Spanish / German and will be glad to give you assistance.