About us

Bella Aventura is an incoming tour operator and travel agency, founded by a Costa Rican/Austrian family. Our commitment is to offer customer-oriented packages with outstanding service created by professionals in tourism at a fair price.

Veronika Sicher

Veronika was born and raised in a small village in the Alps of Austria, but from her teenage years on she felt a strong desire to travel and explore different countries and cultures. Veronika came to Costa Rica for the first time about 15 years ago to do an internship and study Spanish.

She immediately fell in love with the country and also with Esteban, who today is her husband. After finishing her internship she returned to Austria to obtain her Master’s degree in tourism & leisure studies. She then worked throughout Europe in tourism, including the hospitality field and the cruise line industry.

She finally settled down in Costa Rica and worked as a Sales Manager for an incoming agency before taking the next step and opening her own company together with her husband – Bella Aventura Costa Rica. In her free time Veronika enjoys a good book, trying new recipes and above all traveling around Costa Rica with Esteban and their kids Gabriel, David and Elena.

Our mission

Our mission at Bella Aventura Costa Rica is to offer diverse and creative travel options to our clients. We do not only design personalized travel programs but also group offers for journeys within Costa Rica as well as the neighboring countries. We are professionals with many years of experience in the tourism industry. Our top priority is customer service and customer satisfaction. When selecting our providers, we prefer to choose small Costa Rican companies to help improving the development of individual regions and create new work places.

Our vision

At Bella Aventura Costa Rica, our vision for the future is to be among the leading incoming tour operators in Costa Rica and to seek steady growth by continuously improving our services.

Esteban Cubero

Esteban is a proud Costa Rican who loves his country. He has a degree in tourism and business administration, and has been working in this industry for the last 20 years.

He took his first steps in tourism working as a receptionist before he started working with a tour operator – first in the office as Operation Manager and the last few years as a naturalist guide. Esteban's natural charm and extensive knowledge about his country make him your perfect escort to explore the natural beauty of this small piece of land!

Alongside his family, Esteban has another big passion – music! Esteban is a gifted guitar player and sometimes he even surprises his guests at the end of the day with a small serenade.

Why travel with Bella Aventura Costa Rica

Local Expert

Bella Aventura Costa Rica has its office in Tibás, a residential area in the suburbs of the capital San José. We live in Costa Rica, we love this country and we plan our journeys thoughtfully. Most of the hotels, lodges and providers we know first-hand.

Since we live in the centre of Costa Rica, we can provide our customers with a 24-hour English-speaking emergency service. In the case of an emergency, we are always reachable and react flexible and immediately.

Your travel documents, such as offer description, travel description and information about the country are written in English.

The customer is king! We design personalized travel programs, which are especially adapted to your wishes and preferences.


Our team examines on a regular basis the quality and safety of our providers' services. So we are always up to date considering changes in the touristic offer and we like to communicate our knowledge to our customers in order to ensure you an unforgettable journey. A positive side effect, at the same time our desire to travel is satisfied.

Our prices are fair. Of course, the first-class service we offer has its price – but we don't think the best always has to be the most expensive.

We always pay a lot of attention to discover and fulfill our customers' wishes and expectations while orientate ourselves at their budget.

We are fast! Mof the time you will have a message from us in your inbox within 24 hours.


Our program descriptions are very detailed so you can see clearly which services are included and there will be no surprises during your journey.

Planning your journey with us is fun, because we have a good sense of humor and love our job, which you will find out yourself soon.

We are professionals in the field of tourism with 20 years of experience within Costa Rica and outside the country. Therefore we acquired a lot of inside knowledge and we love to share those insider tips with you.

Bella Aventura is a travel agency and tour operator certified by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) holding all necessary permission and certificates to operate as such.